White Man’s Burden

Davide asked me to make him some “tribal” music for a doco about Alastair’s expedition to Papua. Obviously the opportunities for gross insensitivity and cultural vandalism were impossible to resist. This was the outcome:

I had a very jolly time doing these, and was especially happy with the third track, which is both very upbeat and at the same time rather grim, but YMMV.

And Davide’s video is here:

Difficult Second

At some point there’ll be slightly better quality versions packaged up with a decorative booklet of the text snippets for download*. Not, obviously, because there’s any demand for that, but just because I feel like it. In the meantime, this has already had more listeners than UST

* Update: the whole bundle is here (on Bandcamp, like the UST link above, but you’re certainly not expected to pay for either), or you can just download the booklet.